Saturday, March 9, 2013

SOL #9 of #31: Saturday Morning

Even though it's a Saturday, I am still awake to my alarm, going through my work day motions, and getting ready for a day of teaching and learning. My National Writing Project site is hosting a full day regional conference on writing today, and I am a presenter. 

I usually LOVE this kind of day, but today I did not want to get out of bed for some reason. 

Sharing my teaching with adults used to make me nervous, but I've done it a lot and it is no longer butterfly inducing. I have all of my materials ready to go, and I have a solid, simple idea to share. I'm all set.

Then why was it so hard to get out of bed this morning?  
I hope it was just the new sweats,
or the flannel sheets,
or the two blankets.
I hope my hesitation to jump out of bed a sieze that day was simply just the desire to be comfy and not a sign of a hard day.
I put on cashmere just in case.


  1. You'll be wonderful! I need to take the plunge and start getting myself out there to share my ideas with others, too.

  2. Usually the anticipation is worse than the actuality of the presentation. I love the idea of the cashmere sweater as security.

  3. Yesterday was that hard morning to get out of bed for me. It was cold out and my bed was snuggly warm. Best wishes as your present today!

  4. I hope we get to hear how the day went! I love that cashmere is your power outfit. I know that when I present, my motivation comes strictly from my attire, I swear! :) I hope you had a great day!!